第六冊 12 單元 介詞的使用彙整(三)


結 構:介詞的使用彙整(三)


本單元要說明的介詞包括有: out, out of , outside , over , since , than , to , under , until , up , with , without

out out 當介詞用,是美國英語的一種非正式用法,出現在口語上。其意思是從某物的裡面到外面。

1. John looked
out the window of the classroom .

John 教室的窗戶 出去 。)

out outside 的差別, 請按這裡


out of into 意思相反 ,請 參考說明

2. Tom took some money
out of his pocket and gave it to his son.

Tom 口袋中拿出 一些錢,並拿給他的兒子。)




一、在某建物或空間之外: outside 的相反詞是 inside

3. Fred parked his car
outside the park .

Fred 把車子停 公園外面 。)


二、 out outside 的差別:

out :當你離你所住的地方有段距離,或是去了要花很多時間才會到達的地方時,用 out

4. My mom is
out , and she won't be back before 9:00.

(我媽媽 外出 ,而且在九點以前不會回來。)


outside :若僅是指某棟建築物的室外或屋外,也就是離該建物或空間不遠的外面時,則用 outside

5. Let's talk
outside the classroom .

(我們 教室外面 談。)




一、在 ... 的上面:等於 above ;相反詞是 under

6. The water came up
over our feet .

(水漲到 淹過 我們的腳 。)


註: above over below under 有時在使用上也有區別。

若是指物體 從一邊移到另一邊 ,也就是說「不是靜止不動的」,則只能用 over under

7. While we were playing in the playground, a plane
flew overus .

(當我們正在操場上玩時,有一架飛機 我們頭頂上飛過 。)


8. In Hualien, you can see the train runs under the river .

(在花蓮,你可以看到火車 河川底下 穿過。)


註: 一般認定 over 的相反詞是 under above 的相反詞是 below




9. The mother got a quilt over her baby because it was getting a little cold.

(由於天氣變得有點冷,那個媽媽拿了一條被子, 蓋在 她小孩身上 。)



10. There's a bridge
over the river .

這條河 有座橋。)


四、超過:等於 more than

11. All people
over the age of 15 in Taiwan have to get their ID cards

(在台灣,超過 15 歲的人,都要取得身份證。)


五、其它與動詞連結使用, 請按這裡



since 自從。和「 現在完成式 」或「 過去完成式 」連用。

12. She and her family have lived here
since 1989 .

(她和她的家人, 1989 以來 ,就住在這裡了。)

13. I hadn't seen them
since the graduation from junior high school .

自從 國中畢業 ,我就沒有看到他們了。)



than ...

14. Mr. Speakers is taller
than his brother .

Speakers 先生 他哥哥 要來得高。)





15. I
go to school by bike every morning.

(我每天騎腳踏車 上學 。)

16. Mary just sent an e-mail
to her aunt .

Mary 剛剛寄了一封電子郵件 她的阿姨 。)

── 這種用法常出現在「 授予動詞 」上, to 用「 表示動作的方向 」這個概念,比較好記,也比較不會弄錯。


17. It takes the boy twenty minutes to walk from his home to the school .

(這個男孩花了二十分鐘, 從他家走學校 。)

18. Please say hello
to your parents for me when you see them.

(當你看到你爸媽時,請代我 他們 問候一下。)


二、 answer/key to ... 很容易誤用為 of

19. Did you see
my key to my car ?

(你有看到 我車子鑰匙 嗎?)

20. You can get
the answer to the question on the Internet.

(你可以在網路上找到 這個問題答案 。)


三、其它與形容詞連結使用, 請按這裡


四、其它與動詞連結使用, 請按這裡




一、在 ... 的下面:有時和 below 同義,是 over 的相反詞。

21. Your student ID card is
under the jacket .

(你的學生證 夾克底下 。)

22. Please sign your name
under your picture .

(請 你的照片底下 ,簽上你的名字。)


二、在 ... 的影響之下:

23. Don't worry. Everything is
under control .

(不用擔心,一切都 掌控之中 。)



24. He will buy it if the price is
under 5,000 dollars .



until 直到。也可以寫成 till

25. I'll stay in Changhua
until the end of this month .

(我會待在彰化 這個月底 。)



up ...

26. If you
climb up the hill to the top, you'll see Jane's house.

(假如你 山頂上 ,你就會看到 Jane 的家。)




一、和 ...

27. Arnold went shopping
with his friends this evening.

Arnold 今天晚上 他的朋友 上街去買東西。)



25. Do you know the girl
with glasses ?

(你認識那個 眼鏡的 女孩嗎?)

26. It looks like rain. Take an umbrella
with you .




27. She answered the test
with this pen .

(她考試時 這枝筆 作答。)


四、其它與形容詞連結使用, 請按這裡


五、其它與動詞連結使用, 請按這裡




一、無、未經歷或未顯出(某事物 / 某人):

28. I got a letter
without a stamp last week.

(上個星期,我收到了一封 沒有 貼郵票的 信。)

29. He won't be happy
without you .

(他 沒有 ,是快樂不起來的。)


二、不用 ...

30. The little child can't eat himself
without a spoon .

(這個小孩 沒有 湯匙 不會自己吃飯。)


三、 not/never A without B 沒有 B 就不會 A ;每 A B 注意中、英文「字序」的排列。

31. He
never rides his bicycle without getting hurt .

(他 每次 騎腳踏車 受傷。)

32. I wo
n't take a trip without taking a camera .

沒有 帶相機 ,我是 不會 去旅行的;我 每次 去旅行, 一定會帶相機。)



綜合練習: 請依上、下文意,選出最正確的答案。選項中,包含「 介詞的使用彙整(一) 介詞的使用彙整(二) 」中的介詞。

1. Look! There's a big boy coming ______ us. Do you know him?
(A) with
  (B) from   (C) beside   (D) to


2. My father won't come back ______ tomorrow afternoon.
(A) since
  (B) until   (C) in   (D) on


3. The Central Cross-Island Highway ______ the Central Mountain Range ( 中央山脈 ) is dangerous but beautiful.
(A) along
  (B) into   (C) over   (D) from


4. Young people ______ 18 years old can't ride motorcycles.
(A) under
  (B) below   (C) around   (D) about


5. Many kinds of fish in the sea swim ______ the river to lay( 生蛋 ) their eggs.
(A) up
  (B) of   (C) behind   (D) around


6. After class, a lot of students ran ______ the classroom to the playground.
(A) in back of
  (B) in front of   (C) next to   (D) out of


7. His sister will be married ______ a young, handsome gentleman ( 紳士 ) in Yunlin.
(A) by
  (B) to   (C) for   (D) over


8. John, would you please study ______ me today? I've a lot of questions to ask you.
(A) over
  (B) with   (C) to   (D) after


9. Of course, you run faster ______ me.
(A) than
  (B) with   (C) around   (D) near


10. People can't live ______ water and air.
(A) by
  (B) without   (C) in   (D) beside


11. The keys ______ the math questions are all printed ( 印刷 ) on the last page of the book.
(A) of
  (B) to   (C) about   (D) for


12. It's so hot today. Let's sit ______ the tree I'm sure it'll be cooler.
(A) off
  (B) until   (C) under   (D) above


13. The boss had an argument ( 爭辯 ) with Shannon yesterday, and we could heard the voices ______ his office.
(A) into
  (B) outside   (C) over   (D) with


14. There's a mosquito ( 蚊子 ) flying ______ your head.
(A) over
  (B) like   (C) than   (D) during


15. ______ a truck, we can never move these rocks and stones ( 石頭 ).
(A) Except
  (B) Inside   (C) Across   (D) Without


16. We'll start when the traffic light changes ______ green.
(A) off
  (B) to   (C) in   (D) with


17. Keep the bag ______ you, please. There's a lot of money inside it.
(A) about
  (B) up   (C) along   (D) with


18. Can you read the dialog ______ making any mistakes?
(A) without
  (B) between   (C) inside   (D) across


19. ______ ten years ago, we have worked for Mr. Nixon. That's why we know him so much.
(A) For
  (B) During   (C) In   (D) Since


20. My older brother told us an interesting story ______ dinner yesterday evening.
(A) on
  (B) by   (C) at   (D) in


21. The thief broke the window ______ a hammer ( 鐵槌 ) and got into his house.
(A) by
  (B) like   (C) of   (D) with


22. There's a big, dark cloud ______ our school. It looks like rain.
(A) across
  (B) down   (C) over   (D) behind


23. You have to take the bus ______ the department store where you want to go.
(A) to
  (B) for   (C) outside   (D) about


24. For the test next Monday, you have to study from 8:00 ______ 11:00 today.
(A) at
  (B) in   (C) to   (D) about


25. Emily: How many people will come to the garden party tomorrow?
Richard: Our teacher says
______ five hundred people will come.
(A) above
  (B) over   (C) on   (D) after